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Tips for Successful Self-Storage

  • You should always choose the smallest amount of space you will need, and make sure you utilize all the space.

  • Whenever you can, make every effort to use similarly sized boxes or plastic containers of the same size to easily stack your items.

  • Create a list of the items you are storing and label your boxes properly. Store the list in a safe place at your home.

  • Place a protective plastic cover on the floor of your space, if you prefer.

  • Store items you will not need to access in the back and items you might need in the front for easy availability.

  • Never store anything combustible in your self-storage unit. This is dangerous.

  • Allow space between the walls and boxes so the air can circulate. If your unit is large enough, leave an aisle down the middle.

  • Always store the heavy boxes on the bottom.

  • Do not overpack your boxes when you are planning your storage.

  • Label boxes on all sides with sharpie marker.

  • Wrap dishes and breakables in protective wrap and store on top. Do not store these items under heavy items on the bottom.

  • Utilize furniture with built-in drawers for extra storage – small items.

  • Store blankets, towels and other items in appliances, if applicable.

  • Save space by removing legs from tables.

  • Store couches and love seats end to end for space saving. Wrap in cloth or plastic for safe keeping.

  • Do not place sharp objects on furniture to avoid puncturing the fabric or leather.

  • Prop mattresses up so they stand straight up and down to prevent them bending out of shape.

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